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Christina & Garrett

Hey everyone!

I wanted to give you all a little sneak peak at a shoot I did last week with these two vibrant souls! Christina & Garrett wanted to do an ethereal couple shoot, so I took them up to one of my favorite spots in Calabasas/Westlake area. These rolling grass hills are quite the little gem tucked away in the Los Angeles county area. It really warms my heart that we keep some of the original landscape of California preserved, with the vast open space and ancient oak trees – I think this is definitely one worth preserving. It made for a magical landscape for this shoot that looked almost like a fairy tale land. Who woulda thunk this is right in LA’s backyard, right!? Especially with the vibrant grass hills, you would guess you would have to drive 3 hours up the coast to see something like this. Let’s hope it sticks around for awhile!

We all met at the park and went for a walk through the hills. Christina was such a trooper for this one, hiking in heels can not be the most comfortable footwear I would imagine! Although, I think the effort really paid off! We found a nice hill overlooking the entire valley and made some super exciting and fun memories. Even Isla got to join in the fun! (per their request) She had a blast frolicking through the grass up here! Thanks so much for this you two, I’m glad you love the images as much as I do!



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