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A Fun Engagement Session Hiking in Ojai at Piedras Blancas

Hi Everyone!

I just had a such a wonderful engagement session with these two in Ojai! Every now and then I get a couple ambitious enough to hike out and explore somewhere in nature with me. It truly makes the session such a fun experience, plus – who doesn’t love a good sunset hike!? It makes for such a peaceful and dreamy atmosphere. We threw on our boots and I led them up to Piedras Blancas, where we were met with a beautiful canvas of white bubble rocks and mountains. Funny thing is, I come out to this trail almost every other weekend, so this place is basically like my backyard. We trekked up the rocks and captured some absolutely serene and irreplaceable memories. The rest of the evening was filled with many laughs, fun stories, and lots and lots of love

Enjoy 🙂


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