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Post-COVID 19 Photo Sessions!

Woohoo! I am so excited to be taking bookings for photo sessions now again after COVID-19! I already have the schedule filling up for the rest of May – yay! It’s so amazing to see people getting out ‘n about, while maintaining social distancing. It is good for our souls though! We have to get outside to clear our minds and feel the sunshine on our skin. We miss spending quality time with our loved ones dearly, but soon enough we will be back to having the greatest time gathering with our amazing friends and family, right? On the other hand, it is amazing to finally have some people feeling more comfortable making future bookings or even scheduling social distancing photo sessions for their family, engagement, or wedding! It finally feels like things are shifting back towards normality, doesn’t it? 🙂

I photographed this beautiful courthouse wedding at the Santa Barbara Courthouse right before COVID-19 really went into full affect and I can’t wait to be shooting weddings like this again soon! Plus, being the photographer at weddings at Santa Barbara Courthouse is such a treat! The campus is absolutely gorgeous and there are so many beautiful areas to shoot. Also, if your style is more of an elopement, lowkey type wedding, this is the place for you! The ceremony is short and sweet, then we get to have some fun capturing memories around the grounds of the courthouse, and on to your night to have some fun! And let me tell you, this group was so much fun! We even went to The Lark afterwards in downtown Santa Barbara for an afterparty which I am always all for! I love being able to capture the fun after your ceremony when you actually get to let loose and be yourselves now that all the “official business” is out of the way. These two were the sweetest though, I think I got 30 hugs from them before finally getting to leave, ha! Love it!

Enjoy some of my favorite memories before/after the ceremony below 🙂


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