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Another Beautiful Elopement at Santa Barbara Courthouse

Hey ya’ll!

It truly is fantastic to be capturing memories with you all again! I am just so ready for this COVID business to blow over. Although, I love that people are getting creative with ways to still celebrate their love during the pandemic! It’s heartwarming to see that even in global travesty, love is still shining through. And eloping is a great option for that!

I truly adore elopement sessions. It really simplifies your day and makes it less about all of the extra details and stress of planning, and more about the love shared between you two! Especially in a time when we can’t necessarily gather in large groups and celebrate together. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate with just the two of you! Plus, there’s plenty of time for partying with your friends and family once this all calms down. And I have a little secret for you — the couples that I have done elopement sessions with almost always seem a bit less stressed than the couples with the big weddings, but shh! You didn’t hear that from me 😉
But in all seriousness, an elopement really makes the day about you two and there is so much less to stress about on the planning side of things. You get to have your own intimate day together, have a beautiful day out on the town or on the beach, and look back on that day as one of the best days you both got to spend with eachother and not worrying about all of the “extra stuff”. Not to take away from the fun of a big wedding of course, it’s amazing to have all of your friends and family there to share your day with you! It’s just that these days, it’s a bit tougher to make that work, making elopements a fantastic option!

These two did exactly that! They were so excited to get married, they just couldn’t wait for all of this to blow over. They said, “let’s just go up and spend the weekend in Santa Barbara and do this thing!”. There are so many amazing places to stay; from the Ritz Carlton, to Hotel Californian, to the luxurious Four Seasons, there are plenty of gorgeous options for a relaxing day or two within steps of the beach. I loved working with this couple from the moment we chatted over the phone. They were just so truly in love and had so much fun together as we explored the courthouse grounds. This is what makes being there for your special day, so absolutely fulfilling! I’m sure that you’ll be able to feel it through the images. Here are a few of my favorite moments – enjoy!


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