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Magical Sunset Proposal

I recently did such a dreamy proposal in Ojai with such a fun couple! Everything about the location and timing was so perfect and these two just had such a warm energy to them. They drove down from Los Angeles to stay at the beautiful Ojai Valley Inn for the weekend and were so glad to get away for awhile. There’s also something about Ojai that just tends to bring you a peace of mind. I’m not sure if it’s the mountains, the air, or the people – but, whatever it is, it truly is a magical place.

Travis was really hoping that I could hideaway somewhere where Megan couldn’t see me to keep the proposal would be a complete surprise. I assured him that I would find a perfect hiding spot to capture the moment. I got to the location about 20 minutes ahead of time to capture some photos of the set-up and location itself so they could have some memories of what it felt like to walk up to this beautiful view. I found my spot to hide in one of the hallways and shot through a crack in the door to capture the big moment. She was entirely surprised and overwhelmed with excitement. That is my absolute favorite part of being there at your proposal. I love capturing that amazing and genuine reaction when they drop down on their knee and pass along a sentimental “Will you marry me?” that you will never forget for the rest of your life. I always tend to be squinting through my camera with the biggest smile on my face as I let you both just soak in the beautiful moment.

After the proposal, I let them get all their anxious laughs of disbelief out, sip a little champagne, and Facetime with family to celebrate. Then we walked around the beautiful plaza together capturing some of the sweetest little moments. These two were so much fun, it made it so easy to get some genuine emotions and laughs out of them. I love when you can tell that there is just an amazing connection between two people where they just jive so well together. Plus it always helps bring out your true inner-child when I ask you to give eachother piggyback rides. 😜

Hope you enjoy some of my favorite memories and details from the proposal


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