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Groovy + Intimate Wedding In Ojai

I’m so excited to share these previews with you all!

This couple went for a more intimate approach to a Covid-wedding, keeping it to their closest friends and family members. This is always a sweet approach for me because it makes the day more about you and the ones you truly love to celebrate with! No divvying up your time between each group of friends or family, just loving the time that you get with the people you love most! Don’t get me wrong, massive epic parties are great too, but I’ve come to find that it helps you to enjoy your day when you’re not spreading yourself thin. Because when Gary (who was down the block from your childhood home who you felt obligated to invite) is talking your ear off about his latest and greatest tech business venture, you realize there’s 200 other guests you still need to hug and thank and that can be a bit overwhelming. Nothing against Gary, but we love to see you really enjoying every moment you spend with the people closest to you! Because, when it comes down to it, that’s really what this day is about right? Celebrating your day with the ones you just can’t live without.

The hotel this couple booked in Ojai. The Capri Hotel, drew them in with the groovy 70’s vibe and atmosphere. I loved it too and it even inspired them to switch into a fun outfit following the ceremony to encapsulate that same energy! So fun! We are all about fun outfit changes if that’s what you’re going for – be yourselves, and do whatever makes your soul happy! At the Capri Hotel, these two had the cutest first look. There was such a beautiful moment of anticipation hanging in the air before they saw each other. The bride trailed up, gave the groom a loving squeeze from behind, and then they stood back-to-back as they read love letters to each other in the garden. Tears were shed, laughs were had, and you could literally feel the love between these two at that moment. They turned around, shared a moment together, and then we boogied off to the venue!

From the hotel, we headed over to the most beautiful farmhouse to host their ceremony. It was absolutely stunning, lined with lavender fields and old oak trees – one of those places that almost feels like it’s out of a dream! It was absolutely perfect for them. Gosh, I truly love when people plan a ranch or farm wedding in Ojai. It truly captures the spirit of Ojai perfectly.

They had an intimate ceremony under one of the old oaks on the property and shared some words of love for one another next to their closest family and friends, of course, with their furry family members right alongside them. (If you’re on the fence about including your dogs in your wedding – please do!! We absolutely love including them in your special day and we are sure that you will too! They’re part of the family after all!) They then sealed their wedding with a kiss and headed over to the lavender fields to shoot some romantics. The gorgeous, aromatic rows of lavender were the perfect setting for this couple to soak up the sunset, just the two of them. And we all know how important it is to just spend a few minutes together on your special day. As the sun neared the horizon, we made our way back to the Capri Hotel for them to do that quick, groovy outfit change as they were planning on continuing their celebration in Downtown Ojai to spend the night out with their wedding party! We danced along to the tasteful tunes at The Capri Hotel before I sent them off to enjoy the night. Ahh.. what a beautiful day it was. I hope you all enjoy the memories!!


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