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Beach Family Photo Session In Ventura

Oh my goodness! We finished off the year feeling so grateful for you all and having the honor of capturing memories with you all in 2022! What an amazing year filled with so much love, laughter, and sweet sweet memories. Speaking of gratitude, our Thanksgiving and Christmas card sessions last year were so freakin’ awesome! We think we had more family photo sessions around the holiday season than any other months of the year! Make sure to book your spot early for this year 😉

How sweet is this session with a family at the beach here in Ventura? We’ve had the pleasure of photographing this family multiple times throughout the year which is such a special thing. We get to watch their family grow, their kids flourish, and their bonds strengthen over the years. We typically link up for a family photography session around the holidays to capture some memories to remember each year. That’s what is so special about these sessions – just for a moment, you get to stop in that place in time and revisit that place any time you would like. And as you go through the years, you get to reminisce and travel through those years more vividly. We always feel so honored to create those memories that you will cherish for countless years to come!

Also, we just have to rave about how much we love this beach location in Ventura real quick! How cool is it that we can play around in the dreamy bamboo forest and sand dunes as well as the beach?! It makes for some really amazing backgrounds from a photographers perspective and of course it keeps the kids moving with opportunities for fun candids along the way!

We hope you enjoy some of our favorite memories from this family photo session at one of our favorite beaches in Ventura! Can’t wait to capture some more sweet memories like these this year!

Trev + Laur


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