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Should I Hire Two Photographers for My Wedding? – The Benefits of Hiring a Photography Duo or Team

Do you have a wedding or special event coming up? Are you wondering who to hire for wedding photography?? Yes?! That’s amazing, because you’ve found yourself in the right place!! Trevor Morrison Photography actually has multiple photographers! Have you considered hiring a 2nd photographer?? From our experience, when clients initially reach out, they sometimes didn’t even know it was an option! Let us first tell you why you’d benefit from having two photographers at your wedding or event, and then we’ll give y’all some insight into who we are and why we might be a good fit for you!!

Weddings come with what feels like an endless amount of checklists. Hiring a photographer is definitely a staple vendor to book and check off your list early in the planning process. There are a few important details, outside of cost, to consider when booking photography and why hiring a 2nd photographer would be beneficial:

  • Where are you and your partner getting ready? Do you want coverage of both? – We love storytelling through our photos, starting from the very beginning of the day! If this is what you’re looking for, it can be difficult for one photographer to capture, especially if you’re both in 2 different locations. We like to, what we call, “divide and capture”! One person can’t be in two places at once, but 2 people can 😉
  • Are you doing a first look? – We’ve seen many types of first looks outside of just bride and groom! Bridesmaid reveals, prank “first look”, or a first look with dad, etc. If you have any of these moments planned, one photographer can definitely capture one side of the reveal. But, with TWO photographers, you get double the coverage from both angles!! We all love seeing those sweet reactions to seeing each other for the first time before the big day begins. Reliving such a once in a lifetime moment with both perspectives makes it that much more special.
  • How many guests will be in attendance? – Guest count is important to know! We highly recommend a 2nd shooter if your guest list is looking like 100-150+ people. All of these folks traveled near and far to celebrate you, and we love to document everyone being there for you; from guest portraits, reaction shots, and candid moments!! This isn’t a strict rule either!! We’ve shot weddings together with guest counts of 50 and lower before, where guest photos were incredibly meaningful to the couple hosting.
  • Cocktail Hour – This point kind of ties with guest count and getting ready… Sometime’s there’s multiple events happening at once! Cocktail hour gets guests to loosen up and socialize while you might be off taking romantics with your partner or taking family photos. Again, two photographers could divide and capture! This is really the only opportunity to get to capture NICE photos of friends and family with the best light, right before dinner and dancing ensue!! Think about it… great grandpa Rick made it in his finest suit, and your old college friends are back together for the first time in years, AND your brother flew in from across the country… Don’t you wanna remember these people being there for you in their finest?!
  • Ceremony/Romantics Benefits – Of course one photographer can handle coverage of both of these events, BUT with 2 photographers you receive a more DIVERSE gallery with MORE images. You get 2 creative, cohesive perspectives that fully cover every sweet, fleeting moment. We’re simply able to capture MORE in that same amount of time. For romantics, you also get an extra set of eyes and hands watching out for your clothing, or hair, making sure you look your best in each pose. We also can create more artistic moments, like a dress toss!
  • WHERE’S THE PHOTOGRAPHER?! – Unexpected moments happen all the time! Our brains are trained to capture as many of them as we can! Sometimes a photographer has to switch out a battery, or a memory card, or swap a lens and may not be in sight in that moment! With two photographers, your mind can be at ease that at least one will be close when you need them!
  • We kindly invite you to checkout the gallery below to SEE the benefits we’re saying here!!!!!!!! We’ve included a wedding that we both shot together with each of our perspectives. Give it a look-through with our points above in mind, and see if hiring a 2nd photographer is right for you!

How to choose a photographer for your wedding? Most importantly, above all, you want to make sure you LIKE your photographer!! Seriously! This person (or people) is going to be taking your photo, so you should FEEL comfortable with them!! Style is important too because every artist is different, and their work should reflect your ideal vision. We personally love scenic, outdoor locations with beautiful sunlight. Our goal is to capture you, and the love y’all share, in an organic, natural way by guiding you into and through aesthetically pleasing situations. You may also be considering the cost, but feeling good about your choice of photographer should be priceless. Regardless, you are investing in memories that will be cherished for countless years! From our experience in this industry, many photographer’s rate will reflect the standard of quality, and sometimes a lower rate will reflect a lesser quality or experience.

Are you still wondering ‘Who to hire as a photographer for my wedding?’ or ‘Should I hire two photographers for my wedding?’ Let us help answer that question by telling you a little more about ourselves! We are based in Ventura, CA, but often shoot Santa Barbara weddings, Ojai weddings, Malibu weddings, and many more surrounding Ventura County areas. We’re stoked to start booking more travel elopements, because even though Ventura is our home, we’re always open to an adventure!

Shooting weddings together as a team is our absolute FAVORITE!! We get the pleasure of attending breathtaking events together, both getting to do what we love! We understand each other seamlessly, knowing what the other needs without even saying. Seriously, it’s happens all the time!!

We like to say, if you think we’ll vibe, don’t hesitate to reach out! We’d be happy to answer any questions you have. We love what we do, and we’re here for you. Hope to hear from you soon!! 🙂





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