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Beautiful Family Memories In Ojai

I recently had the pleasure of creating some memories with this wondeful family in Ojai. I love when people even from Ventura, Oxnard, Carpenteria ~ wherever, decide to have their session in Ojai. Ojai is almost like my backyard. I go hiking there almost every week and love showing families and couples my favorite little areas of magic in the valley there. It’s close to all of the surrounding towns, but just has that natural, raw, outdoorsy feel that my clients (feels weird calling you guys my clients, let’s go for ‘friends’ instead) and I absolutely love! I have special locations that I’ve stumbled upon for every family. Even if you have some parts of your family that are fresh to the world, they can appreciate some of these mellow trails just as well as your teenager will! I’ve even had some people come back to these spots for a little weekend getaway, so it truly makes the session feel sentimental and special for me.

This family left it up to me to find a spot with some beautiful scenery with mountains shaping the horizon and some ancient oak trees dotting the background. They were so excited when we showed up, I couldn’t even get the kids to leave. (There was even ice cream offered as a treat afterwords… ICE CREAM, and they didn’t want to leave the trail… between you and me it makes me happy to see kids filled with such natural joy simply from a place with dirt paths, sticks, and rocks). Anyways, I think that their true happiness was clearly shown in a few of these memories. Hope you all enjoy them as much as we did!


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