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Magical Elopement At Santa Barbara Courthouse

I had such a fun time shooting this wedding. The couple turned out to be two of the sweetest people that I’ve ever photographed. Right off the bat I knew we were going to get some genuine moments when they told me they really wanted to get those true, raw memories that are uncontrived, but totally them. James even asked if they could get a shot sitting on my motorcycle when we finished up shooting, Kate sadly turned this idea down (I think it would have made for such a cool shot!)

We had an amazing time strolling through the campus at the courthouse in Santa Barbara. They had a short and sweet ceremony in the mural room and then we were off to shoot some beautiful romantics afterwards through the hallways and in the gardens.

These two decided to elope, just the two of them, leaving the whole “complicated wedding” aspect of it all in the dust. I even got the honor of signing as their witness. I always think that it’s such a cool idea when couples call me for an elopement session. It definitely isn’t for everyone, but I think it definitely simplifies things and makes the day truly about you. It’s getting married for the true purpose of marriage, cause ‘ya love eachother and want to celebrate that with eachother! I totally can understand how planning a big wedding can be ultimately daunting and stressful, not to mention expensive. If you elope though, you get to focus on eachother and your day together ~ then you get to throw a big party with all of your family and friends later! I’m still waiting for someone to take their elopement up to Glacier Point in Yosemite with me, any takers!?


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