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Summer of Love… with Proposals!

Hi Everybody!

It’s finally starting to really warm up and feel like summertime here in sunny Ventura! We’ve been finding ourselves at the beach more often from feeling the heat, and feeling the LOVE behind the camera. The recent beach proposals we’ve captured have been such a blast! If y’all are beach people like us, and planning a proposal somewhere along the coast, your partner is in for a real treat!

Gibson + Lila were one of the couples we’ve most recently celebrated with in the sand! Gibson chose to propose on a beach in Ventura because of Lila’s sentimental ties to the area (so sweet!). We communicated with Gibson ahead of time to plan which beach would be best, guide him on how we would discreetly capture the moment, and what to expect following that once in a lifetime moment! It’s important for us to make the person who contacts us, ready to propose, to feel comfortable days leading up because we know how perfect they want this moment to be!

This session was a perfect proposal! Lila was completely unsuspecting and didn’t even see us photographers until Gibson pointed us out to her! The energy was electric (like a Gibson guitar – ha!), so we let them soak in the moment before rolling into some fun romantics. The BEST part of proposals is the romantic photo session following the “yes”. One person just got the surprise of their life and the other now knows they get to spend the rest of their life with the person they love more than anyone in the world! You can SEE and FEEL the magic between each beautiful couple.

Even if your partner isn’t used to being in front of the camera or necessarily comfortable, we can bring you peace of mind by guiding you into naturally being yourselves. Anyone could have a friend or family member plan to whip out their iPhone, but we help truly capture the memories between just the two of you, in a very special, forever memorable way.

Remember, proposals don’t necessarily have to happen at a beach in Ventura… we can blend ourselves into any situation discreetly and curate a unique photography experience for any type of couple!

Hope you enjoy experiencing this couple’s moment through these photos!


Trev + Laur


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