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Not Your Ancestor’s Family Photos!

Remember the days of going to get family photos taken as a kid? Your mom would make you wear the most scratchy dress, or stiff suit, with uncomfortable dress shoes… Then you all drive to JC Penny or Sears to gather in an awkward studio space with random props. Don’t worry, those memories make us cringe too!!

We believe family photos should be fun AND comfortable!!

This family session was actually a combination of THREE generations in celebration of their parents’/grandparents’ celebration of their 80th birthdays! We were able to capture each generation and family with a few different combinations and locations. It’s clear to see how much fun everyone was having! We love how this family chose to coordinate around the colors white and blue, because everyone gets to have their own individual style, but keeping it within an aesthetic.

Why are family photos important?

You might be thinking, “I have that photos of us from Joe’s birthday party that one time, that should be good enough”, but you won’t nearly get the same quality without a professionals help. Family portraits are a beautiful preservation of your family’s love for one another. These memories can be kept forever, passed on from generation to generation. They bring your whole family together just to celebrate your love for each other! Family photos can bring joy to the walls of any home or comfort to friends & family that are afar.

Who is in family photos?

Family, of course!! BUT to us, that means whoever is family to YOU. Every single family is different. We understand that some families are small, large, older, and younger! You don’t even have to have young kids! We are more than happy to book a session with more extended family or even friends if they’re near and dear to you.

What to wear for family portraits?

We’ve seen all different approaches to this and support that you wear whatever makes YOU comfortable! We love when families coordinate their outfits with neutral/earthy tones (blues, greens, tans/browns, etc.), but we also equally love when people wear what represents their personality! You might not want to distract too much with a wild print, but if that’s who you are, we won’t discourage your outfit choices!

Where to have a family photo shoot?

Anywhere, really! We personally have a couple favorite locations in and around Ventura, Ojai, Santa Barbara, Thousand Oaks, Malibu, and more – but if you have a location that’s sentimental to you, we’re all about it! This particular session was at Ojai Meadow Preserve, but we can go wherever feels comfortable for you! If there’s a scenic open space and natural light, you can’t go wrong. We’ve had beach family photos, forest family photos, open field family photos, and even at home sessions.

Why book your family photo session with us?

We love bringing out the most natural essence of you family! Our goal is to make your family portraits look as natural and like yourselves as possible. We won’t make you do that classic “lined up in the sand” awkward family pose or anything like that… maybe just one ;), but it’s more of us gathering you in an organic way that captures your family beautifully. Not only do we capture your entire family group, but we’ll also take the time to capture different combinations of everyone involved so you get a variety and memory of everyone’s personalities! We always end up having so much fun with it and usually end up laughing along with y’all!


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