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You’re Engaged!? Get photos taken!!

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS!!! The engagement period is such an incredibly special time in a couple’s entire relationship. You’re no longer boyfriend and girlfriend, but you’re also not officially husband and wife yet… You have however, found the person you want to marry and spend the rest of your days with; how magical is that!?

Would you just LOOK at the love and joy between these two!?

You may be asking yourself, “Why should I get engagement photos taken?”. Believe us, we understand that there’s probably hundreds of photos you’ve taken together over various years and events that y’all have attended. We all love having those memories, right in the palm of our hand, stored in our phones.

Why should I get engagement photos?

Hear us out though… engagement photography is solely to celebrate YOU and YOUR LOVE for each other!! It’s not one, or a few, iPhone photos of y’all from [*insert special occasion here*]. We get to help you curate a whole professional photoshoot personally for yourselves! Now before you start thinking this sounds kinda narcissistic, or your fear of being in front of a camera starts flaring up, just think about the countless years you’ll be able to cherish this once in a lifetime moment in your life! Not to mention all of the loved ones you get to share these beautiful memories with!! Photos are a time capsule, capturing your essence, emotion, and lovely appearance at that moment in your life. As photographers, we help guide you into natural, aesthetic situations that highlights this radiance. These photos become apart of your history, passed on for generations to come. This is the time before y’all take on the rest of the world together!! Remember what we said about the engagement period…? MAGICAL!!! We love bringing out and capturing the natural love and playfulness in couples!

Engagement photos aren’t just for future generations to enjoy, they can also have much more of an immediate purpose (aside from letting people know you’re engaged!). You are engaged, right? We know that means you must be planning a wedding, however big or small! Engagement photos can play a role in planning for that day! One of their greatest purposes is to be used for Save The Date invitations! Having your beautiful selves amongst all of the info will be sure to bring more life to your invite, reminding all of your friends and family of your love! We think it adds a the perfect warm, personal touch that card-stock needs 😉

Our favorite way we’ve seen engagement photos used, is by incorporating them into your actual wedding day! Couples have them printed and used as decorations throughout cocktail hour, reception, and sometimes ceremony. We’re talking – prints in picture frames on the welcome table, throughout the reception area, and as posters for welcome signs! Some couples have even planned ahead and had a photo album printed with all of their images and used it as a guest book. We personally love it because as photographers, it fills our hearts with love and joy to see our photos at couples’ weddings! Overall, engagement photos as decorations at your wedding really helps to personalize your day of celebrating YOU!!

Are you still wondering if you should get engagement photos? Are you thinking the professional photos from your wedding might be all you need? How do you even choose a wedding photographer? Do you know any photographers? If so… you’ll probably be inviting them to your wedding as a guest! Having an engagement shoot is the perfect trial run experience for hiring a wedding photographer!! If y’all are vibing on a one hour shoot, and you love their work, that probably makes the choice easy of who you want capturing the memories of one of the best days of your lives! Obviously, we would absolutely love the opportunity to shoot your engagement photos and/or wedding – but, whoever you end up with, make sure that you connect with them and feel comfortable. Reach out! Chat with us! We would be more than happy to connect with you to see if we’re a good fit and hear more about you two and your plan for the day. We hope to be boogyin’ down on the dancefloor with you soon!


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