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Santa Paula Barn Wedding in the Rain

Hey y’all!

Last week I (Trev) photographed such a special barn wedding at a ranch in Santa Paula and wouldn’t ya know it – rain was guaranteed for the forecast that day! It’s just been dumping on us lately huh?! That being said, we cannot wait for the wildflowers to keep popping out this year – eeek! I digress.. As with any wedding, we have to adjust on the fly and make the dang thing happen!

So, tents were rented, umbrellas were brought, rental cars were stuck in mud – all around great time. Luckily this wedding had plenty of trucks in attendance to pull ’em out at the end of the night! 😉 All said and done, it was a beautiful evening and provided for such a dreamy vibe for their day in my opinion!

This couple had such a special ceremony together in Mammoth a few weeks before and ended up actually getting married on the mountain. But, this was their wedding celebration to have with friends and family that couldn’t necessarily shred down the mountain with them on that sweet day. What they ended up doing was playing the video from their Mammoth wedding ceremony at this celebration so everyone who wasn’t there could experience it with them! I thought it was such a great way to include their friends and family in their day that was perfectly designed for them. I love that! We are all about the “non-traditional” ways of celebrating love nowadays. It’s so fun when you truly get to experience who a couple is and their unique love that they share! Fully in support of doing it your own way and in a way that makes sense for you both! If you can’t tell, they had quite a lot of fun doing things their way!

The venue was actually a property in Santa Paula owned by a family member, so it made the location somewhat sentimental which is so sweet. We would love to photograph more of these ranch and barn weddings in Santa Paula by the way! So if you’re planning one, let us know because we love the vibe. Even though rain left us with somewhat limited options, we kind of just went with it and worked with what we had – which was this super rad barn! They had it decorated perfectly and it made for a really beautiful setting / light for portraits! I think they really shined through the clouds that day 😉

Hope you all enjoy some of these memories from their day and we hope to be photographers at more Santa Paula weddings soon!


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