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Gerry Ranch + In-N-Out Wedding!

We had one of the most fun, sweet, “make it what you want” weddings this last year that really stuck out as such a fun celebration!

These two sweethearts planned out their wedding day to be held at the magnificent and magical Gerry Ranch in Camarillo, CA – which is one of our favorite venues in Ventura County to photograph! It’s truly one of those places that has everything dialed in to the point of nearly guaranteeing a smooth-sailing day. Plus we know the property so well that it makes for a wonderful experience to flow through with couples. Also, huge shout out to Adam who chauffeurs us around on the golf cart for romantics, helping to bring our visions to life, and ensuring that all goes smoothly!

We really loved the laid back energy from this couple. They rolled through the getting ready portion of the day in such a relaxed fashion and it feels palpably displayed through some of the sweet moments as the ceremony approached. Of course we have to include the furry members of the family! We love when folks include their dogs, pets, or any furry companion close to their heart in their wedding day – they’re an integral part of the family of course! These puppers were especially playful and were feeling the exciting energy of the day for sure!

Gerry Ranch is such a great wedding venue for the means of everything being very close + convenient, while still feeling like you are somewhat “off-the-grid”. It’s one of the reasons we love being wedding photographers at Gerry Ranch! We still get the feeling of being at an intimately secluded place, while still being close to services + “homebase”, and all the while having everything you could ever need on site. So if you forget the vail at the hotel or even at home in Camarillo, it’s really only a short 20 minute drive away! Rather than driving some winding, dirtroad off of the mountain miles away from the nearest down – which is totally the feeling you get having your wedding at Gerry Ranch 😉
Honestly, we love photographing weddings at all of the venues along Santa Rosa Road for this exact reason! Maravilla Gardens, Eden Gardens, Wildwood Grove, Walnut Grove or even McCormick Home Ranch, Camarillo Ranch, + Country Meadow Ranch which are all closeby as well!

These two had one of the sweetest “first-touches” that I think we’ve ever photographed! You can just feel the sweet + tender love that these two share with eachother, just from the ambiance of the memories alone. I think this is a great moment to say – we love first touches! If you are looking for something sweet to calm the nerves of the day and feel your husband or bride to be before the ceremony starts, but still maintain the anticipation hanging in the air – then this is for you! It’s such a lovely way to share a special moment with eachother, while still holding space for that magical experience where each of you lock eyes for the first time that day coming down the aisle. Every couple is a little different and so is every wedding day! So we strongly encourage you to do what feels right to you and celebrates your love in the way that you want. This is a great “in-between” option for those of you who might be considering a “First Look”, but still aren’t fully sold on the idea!

The ceremony was beautiful as ever, with dreamy puffy clouds dotting the sky. It was lead by a dear friend, also named Trevor (always fun to meet another Trev – there’s not a lot of us!) who you could tell truly understood and appreciated the unique love that the couple shared. There were so many fun stories to be shared, including their first date landing them at the hospital! Ahh.. what an exciting way to kick off a relationship, aye? Their dogs playfully danced around their feet throughout ceremony, letting everyone know how excited they were to see their parents tie the knot. Perhaps it may not be for everyone to let their pups run wild throughout their ceremony – but for this one, we loved it. It was just so “them”, to the point where the Bride paused during vows and said, “excuse me – we’re trying to get married here!” Ha! As you’ll see through the memories, they stuck around for the rest of the night because there was no way they were missing the fun energy on that dance floor! Also, it’s awesome that Gerry Ranch allows dogs or pets to be incorporated in your day – how fun! That might be something to ask about when planning your wedding at Gerry Ranch if you did want to include your furry friends!

After the ceremony, we explored the magnificent orchards of Gerry Ranch guided by Adam, the wonderful gentlemen who works + lives on the property there. Fun fact – he actually married one of the daughters of the owners on the property several years back himself! We soaked in a gorgeous Southern California sunset, blessed with a few colorful clouds, then we scurried back for dinner + to kick off the party for the rest of the night!

Their guests clearly brought the party! That dance floor was an absolute blast and it was thriving all night long! It seemed like folks would hop off for a quick sip or dessert and then be right back out there boogying the night away! I think it’s safe to say that everyone had so much fun that night.

As the night went on, the energy seemed to only keep building as they danced the night away! (We can still hear Dua Lipa serenading the dance floor whilst typing this) We finally sent them off with a sparkler exit, which was so fun! They then hopped in the first Custom Cab Ford F-150 to ever be made apparently. It even had the Ojai Pixie sticker, which was just the cherry on top because this couple was actually born + raised in Ojai together!

As they drove off into the moonlight their guests buzzed about with residual excitement from such a fun wedding celebration. We stopped to take some quick photos with the legendary truck, which felt so wonderfully fitting for their vibe. The images just feel so magical and they seem suit the end of the night perfectly.

The fun still didn’t stop there though.. We had one more stop before the end of the night – In-N-Out of course! These two, couldn’t go their wedding day with leaving out one important late-night tradition! So we packed up and hit the road for the In-N-Out in Camarillo (Which, if you are trying to incorporate an In-N-Out late night snack is conveniently only 15 minutes away from Gerry Ranch).

After getting to In-N-Out the couple shared a fun dance in the parking lot and we stumbled inside for some well deserved, end-of-the-night satisfaction. It was so sweet to capture them float through the dining area together, still riding the high from the day. Ahh, they were so fun + cute traipsing around in their In-N-Out hats. As we waited for their order, we chatted about the recent-memories of the day and how lovely the celebration was. They were so sweet and appreciative + even bought us a meal too, which truly fills our cup to the brim (the burger too – but mainly the gratitude + happy clients yay!) We snapped and laughed the night away as they munched down the mouthwatering burgers + fries together. They also let me in on the secret that they are moving to the Midwest and this would be one of the last experiences they have at this nostalgic burger joint before relocating, which just made it all the more special!

This is such a great example of how you can curate your wedding day to really suit what is special to you! All of their inclusions and the flow to their day just felt absolutely perfectly fitting and it really seemed to shine through in the images! They truly had so much fun and so did we!

If you are looking for a wedding photographer for Gerry Ranch or any other venue in Ventura County, wanting to include a trip to In-N-Out after your wedding, or want to chat through how we can help make your day uniquely fitting and curated to suit you perfectly – please don’t hesitate to reach out and we would love to chat with you!

Hope y’all enjoy these fun memories of the day 🙂


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