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Sweet Ventura Family Photo Session – Gift Certificate Redemption

As we roll on through the Winter months, things tend to slow down a bit more in the “wedding world” and we get to recharge a little bit. Which is so lovely because that means that we get to catch up on things on the backburner, curate some more rad content to share with y’all, and give our full energy towards the sweet smaller sessions that fill in the gaps this time of year!

This family session came in at the start of the year as a “Gift Certificate redemption” that another family member had purchased for them previously. Which has us thinking – we’ve never really advertised gift certificates! But do we do them? Heck-freaking-yeah we do!

We love when inquiries come in for Gift Certificates because it is truly such a sweet gift to give to a member of your family, friend, coworker, your dog, whoever! Because, sure – there’s some pretty epic gifts out there. But for the most part, things trend + die down, some things wear + break down – but one thing that will always stand the test of time are tangible memories and a sweet experience sharing some love with eachother! It’s also perfect because it’s totally applicable to a one-size-fits-all mentality. You could know someone who just got engaged, just found out their family is growing, or heck – maybe their family is staying the same size even – they all have birthdays that year! You can really gift a session to anyone for any reason. And yes, the dog example was a serious option 😉
Even a 30 minute family photography session gift certificate like this one is wonderful, because it doesn’t wipe out your wallet AND we’re typically still able to produce a really dynamic gallery of 100 or so images!

This family had such sweet sentimental memories towards Ventura in general and had such lovely memories on the beaches here that they wanted to commemorate that through their session! We will typically suggest multiple options for locations and are always more than happy to send over sample galleries to feel out what suits you and your loved ones. This beach in Ventura works so beautifully for a family photo session because it has so many awesomely photographable backgrounds within a small stretch of beach. All of these backgrounds are within steps of eachother and a 3 minute walk from the parking lot. How convenient is that?! It nearly looks like we went to 3 different places 😉

The winter sunsets have been blessing us with super colorful skies lately which definitely elevates the atmosphere quite a bit! But this day in particular was a bit windy. Wind can definitely be tricky to navigate, but when in doubt – we roll with it! Wind can make for some really dreamy feeling images too, as surprising as that may be. If we can embrace it and laugh through the conditions, it really can turn into such a fun experience with the sweet memories to pair!

This little lady also loved her music! The mom had mentioned earlier that they were going to bring a speaker, but forgot theirs. Luckily I had a bluetooth speaker along in the car with me, so I brought it along so that we could boogie are butts off as we moseyed around the beach. The Little Mermaid Soundtrack was definitely stuck in my head for the rest of the evening – haha! But in all seriousness, we love curating a family photo session, or any session for that matter, in whatever style suits you! So if y’all are into music – let’s boogie! If your kids love bugs – let’s hunt for bugs! Play in the River up in Ojai – say no more! We would love to hear how you envision your family photography session to go and chat through how we can capture that in a fun, organic, and candid fashion! Give us the inspiration + vibe you’re going for and you can leave the rest to us! 😉

Also, please connect with us if you would like to purchase a gift certificate for a family photo session, engagement photo session, maternity, newborn, or indeed – a session for your dog, and we would be more than happy to help get all of the details squared away. We offer a hard-copy 4×6 gift certificate and/or a digital copy to make things convenient for delivery. All you have to do is give it to the other person, tell ’em that you love them, then they can connect with us here to set up their session and we’ll handle the rest!

Hope you enjoy our favorites of the fun moments we captured together!


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