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Engagement Photos in Malibu!

This is one of those Malibu sunsets that is just TOO good not too share!

These two were such a sweet recently engaged couple that love the beaches in Malibu, so I suggested this wonderful location as it is right off of the PCH, easily accessible (you literally park right up to the sand), with amazingly versatile backgrounds – and what a background it is, my goodness!

We’ve been photographing a bunch of surprise proposals lately which are so flippin’ exciting and so fun to celebrate with you all, but if you didn’t happen to have a photographer with you for your proposal itself, this is such a great way to commemorate your engagement!

Why should you get engagement photos? An engagement photo session is so special and can be important for a multitude of reasons. For one, celebrate yourselves!! Really – how many big life events like this to you get to cherish in life? We think this is definitely one of those moments to have tangible memories of to look back on for years to come. Isn’t it fun looking through old photos of your parents seeing what they were like during that place + time? Just us? Well, there’s other great reasons + uses for engagement photos! They serve as wonderful backgrounds for your “Save The Date” cards, invitations, and even for decor around your reception area. Also, it’s just fun to decorate your home with sweet, casual memories of yourselves. Just try it! You’ll be like, oh my gosh, I love this, why didn’t we do this sooner?!

We also truly do our best to capture engagement photos that capture the unique love that you share as a couple! We are so encouraging to curate the session in a way that resonates with you. So whatever y’all love to do, we are so happy to incorporate your love + passions. Anything from bringing along your pet(s), to champagne on the beach, hiking a mountain, maybe books are your thing? Barts books in Ojai is so fun! We’ll have to share a shoot from there soon.. But as always, all you really need is yourselves and some love for each other and we’ll take care of the rest! We love prompting fun moments to happen throughout the session and have a very casual feel through our sessions. We promise, it’s not as scary as it sounds! It really just feels like hanging out spending a sunset together for the most part!

These Engagement Photos in Malibu were so fun to pop down the PCH for! With all of the Ventura Engagements, Family photos, + weddings that we have been shooting, it’s nice to switch up the backgrounds a little bit! Plus, we love some good tide pools + sea stacks! So if you were wondering if we will travel to Malibu to do your engagement photos in Malibu – absolutely yes! If we haven’t made it clear, we are all about a little adventure! Typically, there is no additional travel fee as long as it’s within an hour or so within Ventura for smaller sessions.

Let us know if you’re looking for an engagement photographer in Malibu or Ventura County! Nothing would make us happier than to bring your vision to life or hear more about what you both love about the world and curate a session that perfectly captures your love 🥰


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