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LGBTQ Beach Wedding in Oxnard

Hi everyone!

We are wishing you a magical week of sunshine before the rainy weekend arrives!

We recently had the pleasure of photographing a beautiful + intimate LGBTQ wedding on the beach in Oxnard and wanted to share some of the memories with you all!

These two lovely ladies had dreams of hosting their wedding elopement style along the coast here in Ventura County. Originally traveling from Fresno area, they were ready for some ocean views, a cool breeze, and a wonderfully intimate day spent with their most cherished loved ones. We were honored to help them plan their special day here!

We had a perfect location squared away steps away from their Airbnb rental where they were getting ready. This is a great time to mention that we only had planned for photography coverage of the ceremony, family photos, + some fun romantics which was perfect for them! We fit all of this into a single hour wedding-session, just to give you an idea of how you can still have some really awesome wedding photos without having to break the bank. So if the extra ends of the story of the day aren’t as important to have professional memories of (getting ready, reception + party to follow) – this may be the perfect plan for your wedding photography!

We planned to have the ceremony take place in the morning, which we thought was such a fun idea! What a way to wake up + start the day right? Then, you have the whole entire rest of the day to celebrate however you’d like! I think that’s our favorite part about photographing weddings like this, is that the day truly feels entirely “you” – which is the whole point of it anyways right?! This day is about the love you two share together and we are fully supportive of bringing that vision to fruition in whatever way that vision looks to you!

Also, if you haven’t realized it by now – we are in full support of LOVE. Whatever that looks like to two individuals that love each other – we are about it! Every single couple we get the pleasure of photographing has a unique bond + love that brought them together and we feel absolutely honored that we get to celebrate + capture that with you! So yes, we are very LGBTQ+ friendly here at Trevor Morrison Photo, but moreso we are encouraging to love in any capacity, however that looks to you and your partner. The person you choose as a life partner is ultimately one of the most special decisions you make in life and we are here to celebrate that with you 🙂

The couple had mentioned that they chose us because of our laidback, yet very professional approach, having more of a candid, documentarian, lifestyle approach to our shooting style which we vastly appreciated + resonated with! We want your memories to feel like you felt when you were in them! So we try to guide you through fun prompts and activities that will evoke authentic moments, expressions, and feelings with each other. It seemed like that shines through looking through their gallery and they seemed to feel the same way – yay!

Planning your wedding on the beach in Oxnard is actually relatively simple! Especially if it’s a smaller gathering such as this. We can feel the question creeping in – “do we need a permit to get married on the beach?”. We are so excited to let you know that the answer to this question is not necessarily yes! Yay to less stuff to do and keeping costs lower right? In Oxnard, if you are having a gathering of people larger than 20 people with minimal set up, you can most likely get by without having to obtain a permit. However, to be on the safe-side – obtaining a permit is relatively easy and cheap. For example, at Oxnard Beach Park, you can obtain a permit for only $60 with two $100 refundable security deposits. Please let us know if you have any questions on what’s the permitting process in Oxnard to get married or how to get married on the beach in Oxnard and we would be more than happy to help!

The slice of beach that we had in front of their airbnb turned out absolutely perfect for us. With the beaches in Oxnard being long stretches of uncrowded, open beach + dunes – it felt like our own private area of coastline. Absolute perfection for a dreamy morning marrying these two lovebirds.

Hope you all enjoy some of our favorite memories of the day!


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