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Dreamy Ventura Surprise Proposal

Hello there beautiful people!

We’ve been having such a fun month capturing so many beautifully sweet proposals! We figure it’s about time we start sharing some of the fun on here! We’ve got a feeling that 2025 is going to be a busy year for weddings with all the engagements going on 😉 Some more fun news to share too that we’ll be pairing with another proposal. Here’s a hint for you – magical picnics – that’s all we’ll say for now!

This proposal was so fun to put together! The couple was staying at the Cliffside Inn & Shoals Restaurant in Mussel Shoals, which is such a magnificent gem along the 101 there. If you haven’t checked it out, absolutely look into it! It’s a wonderfully charming inn, right on the water, in a relatively private neighborhood. So you end up feeling like you’re on your own little private island getaway, while still having access to some fun activities up in Santa Barbara or popping down to the wonderful beaches of Ventura. We think it’s the best kept secret hotel on the coast there, truly a hidden gem in Ventura County!

Being that they were staying at The Cliffside Inn, we decided to keep the proposal closeby to make things simple + relaxed. Oh yeah, we forgot to mention – there is a pristine, private beach of Mussel Shoals that stretches all the way along the coast right next to the hotel AND it almost always feels like you have the whole beach to yourself. A pretty magnificent place to get engaged if you ask us! It makes for a great surprise proposal too, because it truly feels so natural to just mosey down from the hotel to the beach there. Plus you truly get to soak in the moment and feel like you are the only ones that exist on the beach, because aside from one of us photographing you from the rocks – you probably are!

One of the most special parts of photographing these proposals throughout Ventura County is that every one is a little bit different. We planned this one for these two sweethearts traveling from Canada, so we really wanted to help him feel secure within the plan for the moment itself. We sent multiple maps + screenshots so he could envision the approach beforehand and he even mentioned that he was able to take a walk to check out the route. It’s always important to us that you feel confident not only within yourself + us through a photo session with us, but also that you feel good about the plan for the day! We are always here to chat through all of the details to make sure that you feel as comfortable as you can be before our session together.

These two cuties wandered onto the beach around sunset and we watched and waited for him to drop down on a knee and ask the question. Photographing proposals is always so fun + exciting! Every proposal that we photograph is so entirely unique and it’s always fun to see how folks express their love for one of the most special moments of their lives together! That’s what makes it so fun to be a wedding photographer or proposal photographer in this case – we get to capture your beautifully unique love story and each proposal, wedding, or family all have their own love + story. It is truly such a blessing to witness and be apart of that we are so entirely grateful for.

We hope you enjoy some of the lovely memories from the evening! Please keep us in mind when planning your proposal, wedding, or event in Ventura County + beyond. And we would love to shoot more around the Cliffhouse Inn! Even if you’re a family just staying as guests as a vacation, it’d be such a fun way to commemorate your trip! If you’re looking for photography or a photographer to capture memories for your vacation, wedding, proposal, or event – we would love to chat + hear more about your story 🙂


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