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Check Out This Dreamy Equestrian Session!

Hi everyone!

I hope the weekend was filled with sunshine and happy moments for you all!

I have been working on this amazing equestrian session with Natasha & her horse Juno and love how the images from our first session came out. They have such a dreamy feel to them and you can definitely feel the strong connection between these two!  This just so happened to be my first equestrian session and I think we really captured some gorgeous memories here. We had the session in a peaceful meadow out in Ojai, California on a perfect evening with just the perfect time to get that warm glow at the end of the day. We also threw in a little “graduation” twist on the session, because Natasha had just graduated from school up in Santa Barbara, woot woot!!! Juno was also so well behaved. We got pretty lucky because he has quite a big personality. Who knew horses could be so relatable! I had so much fun shooting this, hope you all enjoy it too!


~ Trev


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